Be Responsible

     It’s been raining cats and dogs here in our area we are suppose to plant the remaining vegetables plant today but I guess we should not do it today. This morning I was a bit scared because I felt the wind is getting fast enough that I am thinking we might have a storm coming and I do not like it especially that I am home alone. When the wind slow down I look out and there it is a branch just hit the windshield of my car. I cannot get out checking because it is still raining and hoping it did not damage the car but lo and behold, it has three cracks on the windshield. We have not call our car insurance yet just hoping they are going to pay for it.
     A situation like this it is very sad if our car insurance do not pay for it because it is hard to pay and shed your own money in this kind of problem.  I have been looking around the internet and found cheap car insurance Philadelphia area. As I have seen on their website, you can get free quotes in an instant just by writing your zip code. I am the one who pay the bills and everything in our household and I notice that our insurances never goes down or getting cheaper instead it keeps on going up. I have been thinking we are going to change our insurances company looking for a cheap insurance that we all could afford is so nice if I can get it. That is why when I found this site I get curious. Change is sometimes hard but then if you and I could save a lot of money by changing our car insurance it is the best thing that we could do. Friends told me I am a cheapo I do not get hurt by it because by saving money is a lot of fun at the same time it gives you a feeling that you are doing the right way. I heard many things about high car insurance payments from friends and I told them we have to do something about it. As long as we are responsible, drivers and we know the rule and law in our driving we do not have to have high car insurance payments, right?


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