Feather Extension

     I always like women with long hair so I decided this year I will let my hair grow a bit longer. I like long hair and hubby always told me he likes me to have long hair.  One thing for sure keeping a long hair and maintaining it is a job. I do not go to a hair saloon for maintaining my hair but I go to my cheap hairdresser at least once a month. Since summer is fast approaching, I am thinking of dressing up my hair for a change. I like to be funky and colorful and I got a feeling I would love to wear diy feather extensions yes feather extensions not a hair extensions. Do you know that there is such a thing about feather extensions? It was last week when hubby and I went to Detroit and saw some young adults wore something in their hair. I get very curious so I approached one woman and told her how beautiful her hair is and asked her where they bought it. They were laughing because they attract some attentions not just me but to some people too. So when I got the name of the stuff I look at the internet and find the site, which would definitely help me get a feather extension. Now I cannot help thinking about how I am going to put it on my hair I am for sure hubby would be surprise about it but of course happy that I get the extension I so wanted.


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