Sky Watch Friday

Another beautiful sunset here in my part of the world. One thing I like winter our sunrise's are beautiful!

                                                      Even after all this time,
                                                      The sun never says to the earth,
                                                      "You owe me."
                                                      Look what happens with
                                                      A love like that.
                                                     It lights the whole sky.         - Hafiz of Persia

                        Linking to SKY WATCH FRIDAY and ORANGE YOU GLAD IT'S FRIDAY


Karen said…
Gorgeous orange hues Kim!
HansHB said…
Lovely photos! Great colours!
I wish you a Happy New Photo Year!
CameraCruise said…
Beautiful photos and quote!
Happy New Year to you and yours!
eileeninmd said…
Kim, you are seeing beautiful sunsets from your place. These are so colorful and pretty. Happy Skywatching!
vincibene said…
Fantastic pictures with wonderful atmosphere!
Tricia Hays said…
The colors are so pretty, wonderful captures =)
Steffi said…
Very beautiful photos!Happy New Year 2013!
Laura said…
So beautiful Kim! Wishing you a blessed New Year from beneath this beautiful sky we share!
January said…
gorgeous sunset. happy new year ate kim.
DrillerAA09 said…
Very nice winter photo set. The skies around our house have been a little boring lately. Happy Skywatching.
Dreamy and romantic shots. So pretty. genie
Rajesh said…
Stunning views.
Beautiful colors in the sky. We had gray sunsets lately.
Love the poem too.
Lyndsey Chapin said…
You do have some pretty shots there.
So well captured, Kim! And I like the quote.
LadyD Piano said…
Beautiful series of photos. Wishing you JOY this new year!

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