Kiev Apartments

     I love to travel. Since I came here in the US, I have been back to the Philippines six times. Aside from that, I have not visited other country except Canada. My cousins who lived in United Kingdom ask me to visit them this year. I told them I would love to do it and they told me to visit them in summer. I get excited immediately I told hubby about it and he agree for me to visit my cousins this summer! This morning I talk to my cousin and she asked me if there is a particular place, I like to go. Of course, I like to visit places that I have only seen in the movie. I told her if possible we would visit countries that are close to UK. She asks me the places that I like to visit and I told her Kiev. She told me she heard beautiful stories about Kiev. She looks at it immediately in the map and she said we could possibly go there this summer. I cannot contain my excitement because it is my dream to go places and now it is becoming a reality. Every time I travel, I like to rent a house, studio or an apartment because I like to stay longer in that particular place. With my search over the internet, I found a very promising place for us cousins to stay. I look at there website and I like what I see the apartments are well organize, clean and the price is right. I cannot wait this summer to come so I will have a good time with cousins. 


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