Shoe Coupons

     I had a good lunch with my friends today. After lunch, we walk around the mall and ended up in a good store. I love shoes hubby always tease me every time I ended up in the shoe department of a store. One time he told me he is going to build another closet of mine he said there is no more space for my shoes he he. I know he is just teasing me but on the other hand, it is also true. I love shoes and as far as I know women love shoes. However, I also know some women who does not like or own shoes as many as I have. I do not blame them but they cannot also blame me he he.
     We were in this store after we ate our lunch and I immediately drawn to the clearance shoe rack. Immediately I found one that I like it fits me well and I love it. However, one thing that I am looking for is a shoe boots that looks pretty. It happens that my friend loves to shop online and the walking company coupon is what she always uses to purchase online. Some of my friends are not comfortable buying shoes on line because they said they could not see or fit it. I also agree to their point of view but frankly speaking, many shoes that you can see online you cannot find in the store. When I meet this friend of mine who use to buy shoes online and happen to know the walking company coupons all the time she told me the secret of how to find your shoe size. She showed me that every shoe brand has different style and fitting. The first time we have to do is to measure our feet the length and the width. Some women have wider feet while some are narrow. Some have a narrow knee and wider toes that I belong to this group. I told her why I am not so sure about buying shoes online because of that concern. Anyway, today she showed me the sites where the entire shoe brand are having there 40-70% off and amazingly the brands that I so love are in these site too. 


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