Brandi Nave

     As a woman, I like to see a woman that is successful in life. One person that comes to my mind is Brandi Nave. Brandi Nave has been name one of D.C.’s Dynamic Women, from a local lifestyle magazine, DC Modern Luxury. Brandi Nave is also the managing attorney and founder of Nave & Associates, PLLC. With that accomplishment, I can only say that she accomplishes a lot! Men cannot say that they can only be the one who can rule in the field of law. Usually when we talk about people working in a field what comes to our mind are men but not with Brandi Nave. Her work and her associates are committed to represent individuals in there problem with traffic law, personal injury, civil litigation and other legal problems. It is great to know such a dynamic woman like Brandi Nave reigns in these field it is time for more women to do this job.


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