Asian Food Recipe

     I am a Filipino by heart and most of the time I crave for Asian food. My hubby cannot understand why I so like rice. You see I like rice almost every day and so the fish. What makes it funny and so hard is that it took me almost an hour to get to any Oriental store just to buy fish or anything Asian. What makes it easy this day is that food recipe for Asian cooking is easy to find. To find food recipes is to type the word in the browser and voila, cooking recipe is too many to browse. This week I am going to attend an Asian party and it is a potluck so I am thinking of cooking something unique that to Asians. As I was browsing the internet, I found a site an Asian food recipe and I am very amaze of how they presented the recipes. I love the photos and the food is very attractive I cannot help but think about making it right away. 
     A friend of mine called me this afternoon and told me she needs a recipe for her three kids. You see kids are so fussy these days. I remember when I was growing up we are disciplined not to be fussy rather be thankful of the food that is set on the table. I remember I eat what my mother serve on the table but not my sister. She does not like vegetable and so my mother has to guard and see to it that she eat the veggies. Looking back, I think it was good that we were discipline to appreciate the food because now a day’s many kids do not. Therefore, my friends ask me if I know some recipes that are attractive and at the same time healthy. I told her to visit Asian food recipe and after just a few minutes, she called me back and thankful I share the site to her. Now she tried to get the ingredients so tomorrow she could get it in the store and later prepare it to her kids. It takes a good mother to be so concern of her kids and I think my friend is number at it. 


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