My wish

     I love to cook it is one of my passion. The person who teaches me how to cook is my father. I remember I would rather stay in the kitchen with him than cleaning the house with my mother he he. So growing up as an eldest in the family I am mostly assigned in the kitchen and marketing which I gladly like to do. But in the country where I grow up our cookware is limited. We do not have cookware shops that offer huge range of products. I grow having only one fry pan and one pot for cooking rice. 
     When I get here in the US it was very different I see so many cooking utensils and tools in different shapes and functions. It got me excited right away I wanted to learn more in baking and get to explore more on my cooking style. I found so many cookware that are beautiful and colorful but I was looking on something that is dependable easy to handle and it will hold on to many functions. I found cookware fisller has it all. The first time I saw it online I know it is what I wanted. For some reason I like stainless steel and cookware fisller has it all. I told hubby about it and he told me to put it on my wish list this Christmas. When he told me that it mad me smile from ear to ear. 
     So what is all about in having a good pots and pans. One good reason is that cooking make easy when you have good pots and pans. More so if you have them as your ally in cooking it brings good food really good! I read it somewhere that if you put love in your cooking the food turn out delicious and I do believe it. 


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