Water World Wednesday

                                                          Welcome to Water World Wednesday
                                                                        Episode 35, Year 1

How are you fellow bloggers. I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was a lot of fun. My side here in Michigan is great. The day of Thanksgiving it was beautiful it was warm and just simply awesome. The next day the weather change dramatically from up 60F to below 40F that is Michigan I tell yah! I have not done so many photographing so I thought of putting the photos that I took when I was in the Philippines last May.

                                                           That is my brother right there.

My brother taking photos right on the bamboo bridge.

                                          That is my nephew taking a good rest hehe.

Now your turn to show your water photos. Do not forget to visit fellow bloggers too it is fun to see their photos.


Gemma Wiseman said…
A delightful little waterway! Love all those rocks + the expression on your smiling nephew's face!
NixBlog said…
Good shots, Kim!
Thanks for hosting.
SunnyToast said…
I miss visiting a place like this! love your shots! perfect!
lorik said…
Those beautiful rock shapes against the water look great in b&w.
Beautiful flowing rocky river! Love the B&W version :)
eden said…
Beautiful photos. Wonderfully captured.
NatureFootstep said…
I love places like this. To hear the sound and smell of running water.
Leovi said…
Beautiful photos of this rocky river. Greetings.
bettyl said…
That looks like quite a place to explore.
Martha Z said…
That looks like a bouncy bridge

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