Water World Wednesday

                                                 WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                           Episode 26, Year 1

How are you bloggers! I do not have many water photos this time but I do have many water drops shots because we had rain for the past two days. The temperature here in the side of the worlds goes down to below 50F and is windy. Fall is here and the leaves started to fall and change its colors. The other day even if it was too cold I went outside and took some photos.

Kind of proud with these photos they are all straight out from the camera. ^_^ Now it is time to showcase what you have this week. I am excited to visit your blog and see your gorgeous and stunning photos have fun blog hopping!


Anni said…
...OMG!! That rose just dazzles the eye!!!
Wow, gorgeous water drops! Love it!
eden said…
Beautiful photos. Love the droplets on the flowers.
Water droplets on flowers are some of my favorite kinds of water. This is my first time participating. Glad I found you, as I love water photos of all kinds.
Leovi said…
Delicious photos. Exquisite flowers with dew.
Les fous du cap said…
Thank you for having visited us on "Les Fous d Cap". We have pleasure also to visit your blog ;-)
Céline & Philippe
NixBlog said…
Lovely photos, Kim!
Thanks for hosting.
January said…
I love the second photo ate Kim.. very nice perspective. :)

joanne said…
SOCC pix are best, in my opinion.....super drops!
Lois said…
Very pretty! I wish it would get a little colder here.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Such stunningly beautiful photos! The first photo of the rose is especially magical!
Shilpa said…
Wow! The rose is gorgeous and the droplets crowned it! So precious :)

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