Someone Worth Knowing

                              Skilled living gets its start in the Fear-of-God, insight into life from 
                                                   knowing a Holy God. Proverbs 9:10 

 I remember when I first know my husband. It was in the internet that we meet, it so happened that he got my email and saw my photo that he immediately emailed me. The first email he wrote five sentences only I get curious I told myself I've got to know this person he is very stingy in words. It made me excited if  I meet people who don't barely like to say something because I am the kind of person who talk for hours. So, I emailed him back and after emailing each other for two years and chatting over the internet we meet after two
 years. Knowing a person is a day to day journey we are human we have our ups and down moment that sometimes we get easily flare up with simple unintentional word or words uttered. And when I like to know a person I am intent on knowing you and try to accept you and understand you as you are. Just like......

God is also a friend worth knowing. Unlike the wooden statues some worship, he is accessible. He wants to be known. He's told you all about himself in his Word, and he waits enthusiastically for the dialogue to begin.
If your heart longs to know him, to grasp who he really is and what he wants from you, sit down with an open heart and an open Bible and get to know the God of the universe, who loves you with an everlasting love. source: www.bethanyhouse.comMome

                           Wonderful Father: Thank you for reaching out to me and opening the door 
                                to a loving, everlasting relationship between the two of us. 
                                     Thank you for allowing me to know you. Amen.

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Luna Miranda said…
this is a beautiful start of my week.
i've been stubborn and proud but i eventually surrendered and got to know Him better.:p

my yellow
Maria Merchediz said…
I feel giddy upon reading the paragraph about you and your husband's love story! ♥

We should always be thankful to the God Almighty for everything and everyone around us! :)

Visiting from MYM.
My MYM entry
Liz said…
Beautiful work Kim! Have a fabulous week.

Liz @ MLC
Liz @ YACB
Lovely and meaningful post!
chubskulit said…
I love the "stingy" description hehehe. We were one of those lucky ones ate!

Marie said…
Beautiful post! Very meaningful.
...that is truly love conquers all...but one question: Is he still a man of few words?
Charlotte said…
Interesting love story of you and your husband. Beautiful picture and scripture. Thank you for sharing.
Jeannette Duwe said…
Enjoyed your story - and appreciated the spiritual application. We should also be intent on knowing Jesus...and that takes effort sometimes. Blessings,
(Visiting from Spiritual Sundays)
Kim, USA said…
Hi Anni, fortunately yes! He talk sometimes but what is my wishesis his command hahahahahaha.
co wendy said…
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