Body Jewelry

     How is everyone Labor Day weekend? I hope everything are fine and well. Every labor day we had our family reunion. It is the time where we see our cousins, aunts and uncles who live far away from us. My hubby told me that this would be the 80th ++ reunion they had. It always amazes me when family get this long and still connect each other often. While there young ones came and I saw two boys and girls pierced their ears and eyebrow. I teased the boys if it feels funny or it aches and they said no right away. I remember when I had my first ear pierced I holler to max. I cannot figure out why my mother asked somebody to pierce my ears. After my ears healed, my mother gave me her beautiful diamond earring. Then I understand why she likes my ears pierced. 
     Now days it is easy to find body jewelry like belly button rings or the ordinary earrings. You can visit this website and find the jewelry that fits to your liking. I did browse the website today and find two jewelries that I like. I thought of giving body jewelries to two of my friends who just had their eyebrow pierce. They would love it for sure!


Hey Kim,
great post on body jewelry. I was wondering if you were interested in doing a sponsored post for my site Please use the contact page on UBJ to reach me. Thanks Kim!
Shilpa said…
There are some interesting designs on jewelry! I currently using just a navel stud and some time the butterfly rings on belly. I’m sure u friends will love it.

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