Found this tiny fellow on a poke weed leaf slowly crawling. I cut the leaf and did some photo shoot. I think this is a snail?

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Carletta said…
Wonderful macros Kim!
He seems very willing to pose for you. :)
Shilpa said…
It is a cute one! Lovely capture Kim :)

kulasa said…
I think so too and it is one cutey cutey snail!
Excellent macro of a snail ~ hope he/she finds their way home ~ (A Creative Harbor)
Pat said…
Nice close-ups of the slimy little guy.
Oh I think it is snail with that slime! Great macros.
Leovi said…
Nice pictures. Excellent macro.
emzkie said…
great macro sis Kim!

mine is up here
Praveen said…
So nice & good pic.

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