Another episode of Water World Wednesday. Time to showcase your water photos. As of this time Eastern Time (Michigan,USA) I arrive from a long flight from the Philippines. I do appreciate to all fellow bloggers who join this blog hop meme. Today is our Year 1, Episode 11 ^_^

               Family is not an important thing, it's everything.
                                                                Michael J. Fox

         I missed my nieces and nephew. They are my loves for life. They are growing fast and spending quality time with them is very memorable and I treasure it every single moment.

           Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.
                                                               David Ogden Stiers



Luna Miranda said…
i love this cascading waterfall! yup, kids are growing too fast--i wish they would remain babies forever.:p
George said…
It looks as if your nieces and nephews have found a wonderful water park. The problem with children is that they do grow up so fast.
NixBlog said…
How true Michael J. Fox's quote is, Kim... Your photos are lovely and a wonderful memory that you can take with you.

Mr Linky is misbehaving today and wouldn't let me do the regular link-up. My entry is at:

Thanks for hosting!
eden said…
Beautiful photos. Makes me miss my family more in the Phils.
Love seeing the rushing water. The quotes are so right.
My nieces and nephews grow fast too - some of them are already high school students :)
My nieces and nephews are grown, married, and have families of their own.

Love the watery scenes!!!!
Birgitta said…
Very nice and beautiful water photos!
subbu said…
Gad you had a memorable trip to Philippines! The pictures show how much fun u might miss now… the kids look so sweet :) Cools place for a hot summer!
Leovi said…
Beautiful photos of a beautiful waterfall in a wonderful place.
emzkie said…
hi Kim! i was wondering what happened to Watery Wednesday, coz i have tons of watery photos. good thing i found your Meme. hehe.. bookmarked ur blog!

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