I am back!

Yes!! Officially I am back from a month of vacation in the Philippines. I had so much fun bonding with my nieces and nephew, my brother and SIL and the rest of the family and relatives. From the moment I stepped out from the Ninoy International Airport I was sweating and it does not stop until I arrived here in Michigan. Lol!! Yes I am not exaggerating it is very hot in there I could not take to wear pants. For the whole duration of my stay I wore shorts and light cotton tops or blouses. Well that is Philippines and loving it to the core. We have cultures and traditions that I so missed that is why I cannot help but go back to where I come from the beloved Philippines!
I have been to the Philippines seven times already since I arrived Michigan in 2004. And every time I visit my family there is always new. This time all my nieces and nephew are grown up. They have definitely a mind of there own and they know what they want. It is very funny because I still look at them as my babies and they are almost taller than me hahaha! I posted pictures from our getaways and will post more.
I departed Manila around 6:30 am, June 6, 2012 I did not feel anything which is uncommon to me because usually I cried when I am in the International airport remembering the memories we have shared with my family. Well this time it was different I did not feel anything until I had my first dinner inside the plane. I remember how happy we are around the table sharing the food we cook together. That is when I burst to tears I so missed them and hope to see them again next year!! ^_^ Right now I am fighting jet lag for the whole night I cannot sleep ^_^ which made me look at our photos. This photo was taken at the domestic airport.


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