Dog Collars

How are you friends? How is your Easter dinner? Did you eat many chocolates too? I shunned from eating chocolates but ate a lot of ham! I did not cook anything rather we went to my stepdaughter’s house for dinner. The food is awesome. While we were there I saw there new puppy. Her name was Abby and she is cute she is just a pounder. Even if she is that small, they bought her a dog collar. Trish the daughter of my step-daughter found dog collars, dog leashes and dog harnesses in the pet store close to there house and what I like in this dog stuff is that they are very colorful. Abby the new dog had to be train soon and she need a dog leash to do so. Good thing my step-granddaughter like dog she starts buying good stuff for her and it makes the cute puppy to like her too.
When I was in the Philippines, we do not buy dog stuff. When I got here in the US, I found out that you do not bring your dog or dogs anywhere without dog harness, dog collar or dog leash. I myself would agree to the rule that all dogs have to have all these precautions because it is not good if your dog could bite, anyone specially kids. The thought came to me while we were there I have to buy dog stuff for my dogs too.


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