Love Tea

What do I know about tea is that it is good for our body. It come from different plants that people could find in there garden. Some people had to plant for a particular plant just to get a good tea. Some plant it for the reason of selling it as a tea. Like me, I only go to the store or online to buy tea. I love tea and I guess many of us can agree to that. Every time I go to a store, I always pass the isle where the tea is being display. In addition, more often than not I end up buying one box of tea. In my pantry, I have several kinds of tea it comes from different brand and plants.
This afternoon, while having dinner at my stepdaughter’s house for Easter she serves us good tea. She asks me what kind of tea I want and I told her if she had loose-leaf tea that would be very nice. She goes back to her pantry and there it is a loose-leaf tea! I am very impress of her tea collection she has everything. After dinner, we were setting at the living room still sipping a good tea. I did not hesitate to ask where she bought the tea because I know I could not find some of her teas in the grocery. She told me that she found this British store online I look at it immediately and yes, there it is British foods with teas and all kinds of food. I browse the website and I am loved what I see. Food and tea in one online site that is awesome for me and I am browsing more because I intend to buy many of there stuff!


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