Income At Home

Hubby and I agree to eat fish and chips but a sudden change of plan occurs. I suddenly wanted to eat stir-fry okra and fried chicken. Therefore, I automatically cook rice. Hubby with his brother went ahead to eat fish and chips in the restaurant. While cooking I was thinking of how much a family could spend if a family to eat in the restaurant. For me as a Filipina I am okay with rice, fish and vegetables but I do not know with other women. So I thought what if no other income in the family it would take time for the whole family to go outside and eat, right? Lucky to some people who had an Income at Home knowledge because to have extra money for some extra expenditure is remarkable. I was browsing the internet the other day and found a website about Income at Home. I get curious and right away check into it and find it very interesting. As for me, whom needs extra money for my own then I have to learn how to get into this business? What about you do you like to earn extra money? Look and you decide.


C said…
yhhh, extra money's good. But I didn't check your link though.
lou said…
Wow! I badly need that "income at home" thing. that would help me a lot because I'm still looking for extra income to feed the pets and pay the bills.

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