Yellow Pot

We had a beautiful day today. I think the people here in Michigan were all out working in their yards, shopping for seeds and some stuff for gardening. Hubby and I went to Home Depot, Hubby went to buy stuff for dry walling, while I went to look for something for my trees, flowers and vegetables plants.

         I found this yellow pot. This I transfer my Kalamansi plant so it will grow big and will bear fruit soon.

                                     I found this herb grow kit the only one left and is on sale.

                                                       Here is my cuties yellow garden tools.
                                       See the blue sky but looks like dark cloud is forming too.

This is my kalamansi.

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beagleAnnie said…
Hi Kim,
Such a cute pot! Enjoy gardening in the beautiful sun.
Leah H. said…
We started our yesterday. We planted some veggies and fruits:)

Visiting for Mellow Yellow Monday- hope you can stop by:)
Luna Miranda said…
it is indeed a perfect day for gardening.
cute garden tools and planter. good luck with your kalamansi.:p
Liz said…
They're so cute! Have a fabulous week.

Liz @ MLC
Leovi said…
This pot has been beautiful, congratulations on this wonderful day.
NixBlog said…
Nice colour and shape pot. Hope your plant does well.
Anna said…
Love that shade of yellow! :)
Eden said…
I love the yellow pot. I hope your calamansi will grow well.
Ms. Burrito said…
I love your pot and set of shovel Tita.

Please come and see my mellow yellow entry. Thank you!
That yellow pot looks very cute!
KM said…
That's what I want to plant - Kalamansi! :D Hope your garden blooms lusciously and beautifully over the spring and summer :)

Here for MYM.

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