Sylvannia 7" Tablet

As we all know Apple Ipad is too pricey for me. But the good news is there are many other brands who made tablets. I opted to buy a cheap one but has the same usage so when an email from Big Lots saying there will be a Presidential sale for tablet and it cost only $89.99, I keep an eye on it. So these morning after church hubby and I went to Big Lots and without further ado I bought it! I like the size of 7 inches because I can only put it in my purse, it is very handy. There are many tablets that come out with a size of 10 inches it's kind of big already I might as well carry my laptop, lol. So here it is my new Sylvania tablet.

Then I found a casing or plastic shield and found this for $29.00. I am happy I can't wait to use this tonight and by the way I can download my ebooks in here. One thing I would buy is an additional memory chip. I know that by March all the new gadgets will come out and all the stuff will become old but what the heck I know living here in the US is a fast pace that electronics has 6 months life span hehe. But I would never try to keep up with all this electronics coming in and out like crazy because for sure I will be broke in the end lol! But got to have this one ^_^


wow! that is a great deal Sis, my son really wants to have an iPad but I don't think so :-) I almost bought this for him on Christmas. Returning the visit.
Anonymous said…
Oo di pa talaga bagay sa kanila. Thanks sa bisita.

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