Clipix: Organize Your Life!

Spring is just a month away and a person like me is starting to organize the seeds that I am going to plant this year.  Last year I have not planted vegetables but plenty of flowers and this year I vow to myself to plant vegetables and put up an herb garden. Organizing is hard especially when the task overwhelm you.  It takes a discipline person to get the organizing right. People will leave in the middle of organizing because they do not have the inspiration to finish the task. Just last week I found out through a friend about clipix. I have not heard clipix before. I asked her what is it all about she explained to me it is about organizing the sites or websites in my computer. The websites that I love to visit all the time I can organize it and that makes it easier for me to navigate those websites everyday. When I get home, I look clipix right away and because I am a beginner, I have a hard time at first but when I get the mechanics, I had so much fun. I have so many websites that I have not visited in years. Right now I am browsing my old notebook looking for those websites that I so like few years ago. Here are some of my tips while browsing clipix and slowly organizing my websites, I watch  .
It helps me a lot. If you have not tried clipix, yet go visit the website and sign up. I am for sure you would be very happy all the websites you like to visit from time to time is now organize. Take a look of my board though it is not finish yet. 
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