Take A Walk

Hubby and I love to go places on weekend.  Even if it is already cold, he accompanied me when I asked him to come with me. One time we were in Port Huron and while walking along the walk board facing Canada I saw these Pet Waste Stations in several places. Then not too far from the pet waste stations are Aluminum Bleachers and Portable Bleachers then you can see Dog Exercise Equipment too. I told hubby what a cool way to bring the dogs here because dogs will enjoy in those equipment. Even if it was too cold I saw people walking by and some are seating talking to each other, some are fishing, while I was busy taking photos. I was observing all the people walking by and some we talked and a thought come to me. It does not take a man to find happiness. I see people seating there in the park happy just by looking at the water and talking with family and friends. I told hubby that if winter will be done and gone we are going back to that park because I love it there.


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