What kind of ART you like most?

Sculpture is an important form of public art. A collection of sculpture in a garden setting may be referred to as a sculpture garden. source:wikipedia

The Art of Painting, also known as The Allegory of Painting, and or Painter in his Studio, is a famous 17th century oil on canvas painting by Dutch painter, Johannes Vermeer. Many art historians believe that it is an allegory of painting, hence the alternative title of the painting. It is the largest and most complex of all of Vermeer's works.[1] source:wikipedia

                                                              I like both!

                                                Linking to ABC WEDNESDAY 


chubskulit said…
You've found beautiful arts ate!

An Apple A Day, an artsy thing.
Luna Miranda said…
terrific framing on the horse. these are beautiful.
Jama said…
Beautiful art pieces!
Nice ARRAY of art!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team
Ann said…
wonder if they will let vines grow on the first photo.
Kate said…
There is no better subject for "A" than art, in any form!
Ms. Burrito said…
I like that horse Tita.

Angel's Marching, hope you can come by, thanks!
Mel Cole said…
so nice classic woman pictures manang kim. you have a high quality taste into things ;) My "A" for ABC Wednesday.

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