Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sky Watch

                                      So nice to see the sunset today. It's been awhile that our sky is gloomy.
                                          I love the golden glow on this one a midst the dark surrounding

                                   Took a little bit closer. And saw a little bit darker glow.

                      To all my blog friends have a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!
                                                      Linking to SKY WATCH FRIDAY


Karen said...

So beautiful Kim! I haven't seen a colourful sunset in weeks.

Liz said...

Both photos are beautiful. Happy New Year!


Rajesh said...

Beautiful golden sky.

Wish you Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Linnea said...

That warms me up! Happy new year!

Carver said...

Very beautiful sunset.

Wenche said...

How beautiful it is :0) Have an Happy New Year ! :0)

Gemma Wiseman said...

Delightful golden glows with the dark waves of cloud in contrast!

May you enjoy happiness in 2012!

joo said...

Beautiful sunset, Kim!
Wish you happy and peaceful New Year:)

NixBlog said...

Lovely captures!
May you have a wonderful New Year!

eileeninmd said...

Hi Kim, beautiful captures of the colors and sky! Happy Skywatching and I wish you a very Happy New Year!

ewok1993 said...

beautiful sunset shots.

have a wonderful new year.

Al said...

That is a lovely sunset, nice shots.

Kay L. Davies said...

Happy New Year to you, too, Kim, and congratulations on your sunset photos. They're beautiful.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

forgetmenot said...

Eerie, mysterious, and absolutely beautiful. Happy New Year. Mickie :)

Indrani said...

Fantastic capture of the golden bands across the sky.
Happy New Year to you and yours!

HansHB said...

A lovely sky with beautiful sunset. A very good sunset!
I wish you a Happy NewYear!

Arija said...

No matter how hard the day has bee, that golden afterglow always makes me smile.

LauraX said...

Gorgeous! Happy New Year!

LauraX said...

Gorgeous! Happy New Year!

chubskulit said...

Gorgeous captures ate.

My Skywatch,please come and see. Happy new year!

Cecilia Artista said...

How beautiful!
Happy New Year!

eden said...


Happy New Year!

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