It's Our 7th wedding anniversary

              Yipeee today is our 7th wedding anniversary. Hubby asked me what we are going to do. Well, I told him I like to visit the Detroit Arts and museum, then to a church, then eat somewhere. No gifts, I have plenty last Christmas. What I like is to spend time with my hubby today. ^_^ Pink rose has a significant meaning to our love affair. Early 90's I was working then. I came to the point in which I like to meet a person, be my boyfriend and maybe become my husband. But unfortunately none came (errr I mean many courted but don't just like them, lol not my typo ^_^) That time I was in my mid 20's somehow there are pressures from every point of view ^_^. But I have my principle in life that I would never marry a man for the sake of getting married. I am certain and I am sure that God has a man for me and that I have to wait. I found these novena to St. Joseph, and in my novena I asked St. Joseph intercession to find a man for me. I asked him to tell Jesus ASAP that HE is going to sent me the man! Oh well, our ways is not God's ways, it took me 10 years to meet the MAN, lol! But here is the story and why the pink rose is part of it. Well, in my novena, I asked specifically that the man who is going to be my husband for life, is going to  give me a SINGLE PINK ROSE! Yup not white, red or yellow it would be pink. And lo and behold my hubby gave me a SINGLE PINK ROSE the first time we meet. Yay!!! Remember I waited for 10 years and it's worth the wait. My hubby is the most handsome guy ever born in the world, the most kind, understanding and loving person. And oh yes he love God too. I can't ask for more my hubby is the one and the pink rose? It's always part of our love story! 

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don said…
That is a wonderful love story and one of how God works on a different timetable than we do! The pink rose makes a fine picture...particularly so when related to your story. Congratulations...and a wish for many more years of a happy marriage.
jeannette said…
Congratulations with your anniversary! and have a happy New Year!
Ann said…
Yipeee today is our 7th wedding anniversary. Congratulations!!!!!!
Jama said…
Congrats on your wedding anniversary! 30th December is special to me too, it's the birthday of the 2 men in my life, the husband and the son!
Lui said…
Awww, Kim, that's a great love story! Happy anniversary!

I wish you more happy, blessed, and meaningful 2012!
Umma said…
Happy 7th anniversary manang Kim, ka sweet man sang love story nyo diay.... whoot.. you truly deserved each other...

Happy New Year!!
Luna Miranda said…
it's an exquisite rose. the black background enhances the beauty of this rose.
SquirrelQueen said…
Happy Anniversary!
Your story is very romantic and the pink rose is gorgeous.
Mama Zen said…
Happy Anniversary!
Happy wedding anniversary!
Love your sweet and amazing story :)
Cheryl said…
What a sweet story. This year's pink rose is beautiful.
Anonymous said…
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