Signs, Signs

                                                             My Signs for this week!
                                       This is a  very good sign reminding those people who
                                                             like to drink and drive. ^_^
                                          Omg! I would never dare  trespass this place! LOL!
                                                     More signs in here SIGNS, SIGNS


Genie said…
These are fabulous....I really like the first one....wish those were all over the country. The No Trespassing one is pretty emphatic....and I love the idea of the humans making the animals sick. Great shots. genie
Pat said…
Very funny signs! Great contributions!

Hey - great job on the weight loss!

And I LOVE your header photo - just beautiful!
Lindy MacDuff said…
What a great collection of signs! And I agree with Pat - that's a gorgeous header image on your blog!
SunnyToast said…
I love the second one, don't dare...hahaha:)

great photos!
Carletta said…
Terrific finds Kim!
That last one made me smile.
Anonymous said…
all great signs, a bit scary but it pays to heed them.
Dinah said…
Super love these signs! So funny!(yet true!)

Hasti said…
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Leovi said…
A really amazing signs.
Francisca said…
Hah... I like the humor in the last sign. :-D
Halcyon said…
Some very funny ones today! I especially like the first one. :)
Ebie said…
These are great road signs!
Pblacksaw said…
we have seen the trespassers signs around here.. I always like those..
I like the homemade ones even better.. those that say.. "forget the dog grandma has a gun".. Have a great day!
Lesley said…
A little sarcasm goes a long way!
Ann said…
I was told they are power poles, but the lines have not been attached yet.

Tomorrow is the funeral of a 17 yr old ex student of my school. His killer ignored your traffic sign and was a drunk driver. I taught 4 of his siblings.
Clytie said…
Wow, what wonderful and effective signs. Too bad not enough people pay attention!

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