Flashlight Stun Guns

To all the women out there who feels secure at night or even at daytime? Do you know that there is already a flashlight stun gun? When I know it, I was very excited I only carry for myself a pepper spray but I do not know if it has the power since I bought my pepper spray for more than three years now. However, with a flashlight stun gun it is very cool. I look at it immediately for I was curious and I like how it looks. It is slim I could for sure tuck it inside my purse or if I am in the parking lot I could hold it on my left hand and the car key on my right hand. 
I look at the features and it brings me a smile because the particular stun guns name is Street wise Security Guard 3 in one Flashlight Stun gun with alarm. If I own this one, I would feel secure at night especially that sometimes I come home late. Other features are it has a powerful halogen flashlight, 600,000-volt stun gun, 130-decibel alarm and it is rechargeable. How cool is that. Right now, I am thinking of owning one because for me this piece of material will save life. 


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