Water Park

Is it time to say bye bye to Water Parks? Today here in Michigan our temperature is 63F and I was outside  enjoying my flowers and replanting flowers and I feel comfortable. The sun is out but not too hot. The cool breeze is good I didn't feel one mosquito biting me. But for Water Parks they might be close for now.

                                           Spotted this at Frederick Mejeir Garden and Sculture Park

                                       WATERY WEDNESDAY and MIDWEEK BLUES        


Anonymous said…
You can all this "Cold Water Blues".

I think your cool weather is heading towards us, which will be a nice change.
Emille said…
Looks like a lot of fun!
Martha Z said…
It does seem like summer is over with a temperature of 63. Summer is still in full swing here in California, though with temperatures forecast to be in the high 80's and 90's. I could use some cooler weather.
Anonymous said…
I will enjoy anytime in these showers. Beautiful capture Kim! Have a nice cool time :)
Kathy said…
Visiting from Mid Week Blues. I always love the way water looks when you catch it mid-air. Very nice!

natuurfreak said…
woooow kim Your skywatch seems fabulous.Very nice photo
Rebecca said…
I am embarrassed to admit...I am this far behind in my blog visits! Good I stopped by now or the water might have frozen for winter! haha.

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