Many Believe in Miracles

Do you believe in divine intervention even if doctors say treatment is useless? If you do, you are not alone. A survey involving adults as well as doctors, nurses and other medical workers found  that 57 % of the adults said God's intervention could save a family member, and nearly 20 percent of medical workers said God could reverse a hopeless outcome. Nearly three-quarters also said patients have a right to demand that treatment continue.
Lead author Dr. Lenworth Jacobs, from the University of Connecticut, randomly selected 1,000 US adults to answer questions by telephone about their views on end-of-life medical care. Seven hundred seventy-four medical practitioners also responded to mailed questions. Survey questions mostly dealt with untimely deaths from trauma such as accidental deaths and violence.
Jacobs said he frequently meets people who think God will save their dying loved ones and who want medical procedures to continue.  "You can't say, 'That's nonsense'. You have to respect that and try to show them X-rays, CAT scans and other medical evidence indicating death is imminent, "he said.
Dr. Michael Sise. trauma medical director at Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego, called the study" a great contribution" to one of the most intense issues doctors face.  source:


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