Blue Eyeball

One of the many attractions at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park is the Children's Garden and I think of my favorite. It's because they have five senses put in one place. Last week, I posted the SENSE of SMELL  in which at the garden they put a huge NOSE
Now I am posting the SENSE of SIGHT (Seeing) in which we are using our EYES. 
The cool part in this huge eyeball is that you turn a knob located on the side part then in the middle of that eyeball a film comes out and you can see beautiful flowers. It's cool right?

I took this shot outside the gift shop and my camera almost didn't function when I saw the price $4,300 ++ 
Yes it's a whooping four thousand even my camera was shocked lol!!
What the heck is this? I asked my hubby. He thought it might be a shell with a pearl or glass but I can't figure it out why it's too expensive. Next time we'll go back to Frederik next week I am going to take a picture of the price and oh the orange one too because it's more expensive than this one. Do you like to display this beautiful art piece in your house? Not me first I don't have the money to buy this. Second, this will just collect dust for sure. ^_^ 

                                                                  BLUE MONDAY


Kim, The glass bowl and orb are beautiful...the all seeing eye is really very cool!
Shobha said…
They are really pretty...
Me too, I would never pay so much for a show-piece.
SmilingSally said…
Art is expensive.

Happy Blue Monday to you, Kim!
Very cool and interesting!
Avi said…
I know why - this might be the glass work of Dale Chihuly - a famous glass artist. Some of his works can be found in the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Here's the link to his website - - awesome glassworks!
RobinfromCA said…
Art glass can be very expensive. We have some friends that live quite well being established glass artists. Not all of it is my cup of tea and I wouldn't pay that much but there are collectors who will. Great find for Blue Monday!
Very interesting piece of art........The blues are lovely. Happy Blue.

The French Hutch
chubskulit said…
Hahaha muntik na pala magmalfunction lol, kakatuwa ka ate Kim. Ang ganda!
Anonymous said…
I wonder what's there for such a price. But its wonderful to see!
march on... said…
i think this is art glass using the process of melting and molding glass to create a certain form. ive seen them do it on Discovery Ch. it's really a work of art with the intricate design and color but very expensive nga.

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