iPad 2

There are several reasons why I like iPad. First, I can carry it everywhere I go. It is very sleek and it is handy. The seven inches iPad I can put it inside my purse and I think the 10 inches iPad I can put it in my bigger purse. Second, it is the newest trend in town. I saw two of my friends are using iPad and where ever we go they brought it with them. Unlike laptop, iPad is the easy to use easy to go gadget now a days. However, the most important reason why I like Ipad because you can use it with our without a keyboard and how cool is that. Even my friends who are using iPad do not have iPad 2 keyboard case nor iPad2 wireless keyboard. They do not even think a keyboard case or wireless keyboard exist because they never mention it to us. For sure, when I am going to tell them the news they are going to flip and for sure, they will nag their husbands to buy it for them.
For quite sometime now I am nagging my husband to buy an iPad for me. I’ve been thinking of waiting for the new iPad2 and now that I knew an iPad 2 leather case is also available as well as an iPad2 wireless keyboard I am more determine to get an iPad. It takes me too long to convince my hubby because he thinks that iPad is just like a toy. However, I told him that I could do my blogging anywhere without bringing my heavy laptop with me. In addition, I show him how an iPad works at the same time the iPad2 wireless keyboard can help me in typing fast in case I am writing for my blog. Now that he agrees on buying an iPad for me, I am excited to hold and use it and my smile is from ear to ear. 


Anonymous said…
All the best Kim! Hope u get the ipad 2 soon... I have a iPhone 3gs which my sister using it now.

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