Looking for a good Dentist?

When was the last time you go to your Dentist? On the other hand, did you call them to set for an appointment? Either of the two I did not go.  I had a bad experienced with our Dentist. For the seven years, that I lived here in the US I only went there once and it was terrible.  At first, I was happy because I knew what I want them to do with my teeth. It has been more than five years that my two front teeth have not been check. In the Philippines, it is called jacket but I am not sure here what they call it. I was on the chair waiting then the Dentist came and asked me what to do so I did tell him about what I want him to do. He did start to do tinker my teeth but to no avail, I was already in pain so I told him to stop and I never went back again.
It was a bad experienced and I want to change my Dentist but do not know where to find or who to ask. I know if I ask somebody like Deb she had her own Dentist but what I wanted to know is the ability a Dentist have an ability that is beyond being a Dentist only. In addition, a Dentist who had the heart to feel what his/her patients feel. Thankfully, I found a website about Dentist and it says good and approved Dentist. In addition, I check on there rate it is very affordable for me to pay. I do hope that I could find one because I need to do something for my tooth as soon as possible.


Scriptor Senex said…
There's nothing worse than having problems with teeth. So painful. Hope you manage to get sorted (and find a sympathetic dentist) soon.
Ann said…
Last month, I went to a new dentist, she went you don't take care of your gums, all your teeth will drop out.
Anonymous said…
Glad you find someone better to treat your teeth. I had a unbearable pain once which goes off only after doing a root canal. Take care kim.
My dentist and his staff understand the patients' situation, and always manage to complete their job of making the patients' teeth healthier and looking better while being gentle about it.

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