Remembering Our Senior Citizens: One Fine Blessing

Hi people!! The other day I was visiting back to one of my favorite blogger her name is LV. A post on her blog stirred my curiosity I read and felt goosebumps all over me. I didn't hesitate to follow the link LV is referring and I ended up with the blog of COLORADO LADY. COLORADO LADY has this meme called Vintage Thingie Thursday which I do remember I visited it before because I like to see those vintage stuff people find. But the particular post that she made that stirs my curiosity is called  REMEMBERING OUR SENIOR CITIZENS: ONE FINE BLESSING  I read what it is all about and after reading the objective and the goals I jump into the wagon. I send an email to Suzanne and voila I am in. I am inviting all of you guys and gals to do the same, let's make one senior citizen (or more) a happy camper on their birthday. If you have further questions you can email to onefineblessing(at)yahoo(dot)com


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