Frame within a frame


                                        Exploring with a Camera: Frame within a Frame


Art said…
Very beautiful, I like your style!
George said…
These are neat pictures. Very well done.
Elsie said…
I like the photo from the flower in the frame the most, great shot.
Paula said…
So beautiful! The second is my favorite; I have always loved daisies, and the juxtposition of the fragile flower agains what lloks to be metal...awesome!
Wow! Love them all ~ Great photos ^_^

namaste, Carol visiting from Come Share with a Camera ( my blog is Share the Creative Journey) and A Creative Harbor ~ come visit ~ thanks
Cathy H. said…
These are both beautiful!! Love that they're both so different! I'm not sure I could pick a favorite!! Love them both! Visiting from Kat's.
Kat Sloma said…
I really like that second one - the fence is a perfect frame for the flowers! Thanks for joining in with Exploring with a Camera.

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