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I know many women here like to cook ^_^ and I think they are familiar with Pampered chef. I look at online and geez this stuff is not cheap! I love stoneware/ EARTHENWARE and when my SIL  gave her loaf pans to mine I have to get it ^_^. I looked at it in the internet if it is still available couldn't find it anymore I think this is really pretty old, huh? And I think it needs a little bit of tlc and find how to clean it up but no soap required.

                                                                   EGG ROLL
                                          This reminds me to make it today hubby love this food.


   This is the kind of eggplant that we Filipinos like to use for cooking. My favorite way of cooking this is to grill or broil, then peel off the skin, mash the eggplant with fork, dip it with egg then fry. I call it "Tortang Talong". ^_^

                                                      I got yah!! The ELUSIVE butterfly.

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sush said…
The eggplant looks so fresh and yummy!
Do follow me on
excellent food
ROG, ABC Wednesday team
I have never tried Egg rolls. The butterfly is lovely :)
Lisa said…
I have some Pampered Chef earthenware cooking stones and love, love, love them. Their stuff is pricey, but I like it. :) Never tried eggplant but it is a pretty veggie. And butterflies are elusive!
Sylvia K said…
Mmmmmm I love egg rolls! Terrific post and captures for the E Day, Kim! Hope your week is going well!

fredamans said…
I have that exact same pan, I use it for meatloaf mostly!
Leslie: said…
I had a Pampered Chef party once, and spent way too much $...but it is good stuff. I think I'll give it all to my daughters since I don't cook much anymore - just for me. Those egg rolls look delish!

abcw team
George said…
This is a wonderful 'E' post, but those egg rolls make me hungry.
photowannabe said…
Those egg rolls look so inviting. You are making me hungry.
Andy said…
Those egg rolls would be great for a snack right about now.

Your shot of the butterfly is amazing!

Thanks for sharing.

Evening Wind
chubskulit said…
I love your E selection ate Kim, may eggplant din ako sa kusina blog ko hehehe.

Epcot's Spaceship Earth, please come and see.
Ruta said…
I just love eggplant! The eggrolls look good too...makes me hungry!
Wanda said…
Each of your photos illustrate our "E" letter to perfection.

Eggplant, one of my favorite veggies.
magiceye said…
wonderful takes on the theme!
kris... said…
egg rolls. they look delicious!
Linda said…
The egg rolls look scrumptious and difficult to make! I bet they are extraordinarily delicious.


ABC WEdnesday Team
Jama said…
It's called spring roll here instead of egg roll. I can easily find the ready made egg roll skin in the supermarket and just wrap anything I fancy!
Mom's Place said…
wow, daming E.. at ang fav ko ay egg roll, spring roll, kahit anong roll pa yan lol..Thanks for the visit Kim.
jabblog said…
The loaf pans look splendid - I'm sure they bake beautiful bread.
(By the way, Exochorda doesn't have a scent, or at least not a very noticeable one!)
Jay said…
We call eggplants 'aubergines', and I love them! I am not very good at cooking them though .. I prefer someone else to do it!
Cildemer said…
Excellent entry for E day! And the egg rolls look so yummy!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful shots. Love the elusme;o)

Happy day****
Linnea said…
Nice choice for the letter E. I love egg rolls but I have never tried to make them. I just order them every time I'm eating out at a Chinese restaurant. Thanks for visiting mine! Enjoy the week.

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