A week old load

     I was watching Mother Angelica on EWTN and  she said something "Don't carry a load more than a week old." What does this mean for you? For me it means if you get hurt by someone don't let it an hour or days, weeks, months, years passed by mend it right away for we don't know that tomorrow we are gone in this world.  Easy to say but hard to do right? Yup it is because we people when we get hurt we want to baby the hurt that people inflicted on us. It is very hard to let it go and forgive the people who done it for you. In our lifetime we are hurt different ways. Some had very deep wound that we think it would never get healed but if we look at the bible God said let me carry for you but if we don't know God then who and where we gonna go? So to carry a load that far and that much is not worth a trip. ^_^


Life is like that. We get hurt and many times we hurt others. It is just important that we learn to apologize and ask forgiveness to those we hurt and learn to forgive those who hurt us. And it is also important to cast our cares to the Lord so that we don't carry any excess baggage. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Tess said…
what a beautiful post! its sad that a lot of people still holding grudges and bitterness against their siblings or parents or even friends and relatives. Why is it hard to let go? and let God do the healing. I've been looked down pretty bad one or two in my life and it was hurt or probably it was my pride who got bruise. This post is a good reminders that carrying load is no fun and better let go off it for good!

madrassi said…
You said so nice here. There used to say what ill anyone did for you, you do good for them... how nice and it really help to regain relationships. Where are we going to live without one another in this world.

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