You want to know your future?

I remember when I was in College every M-W-F bunch of my friends like to go to a fortune teller. They always invited them to come with me but I always declined but then one time I have nothing to say no alibi that I could think of so I go with them. I remember the woman who is shuffling the cards told me that someday I would travel far and I just nod and smile. Deep in my mind I thought to where? Come to realize after how many years I came here in the US and I never planned in coming here not until I meet my hubby. Now a days you can go online and look for palm reading meanings. Palm reading made me think if it really has meaning because each one of us has different lines on our palm. And somehow there might be a meaning to it. Well I think there is no harm in trying why not try it guys and gals it would be fun ^_^


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