Value World

I had a hectic schedule today. I woke up pretty early about 8 am ^_^ Then I fixed breakfast then checked on emails and my facebook after that I went outside since hubby started to make a fire at the fire pit of course. The whole morning we are outside then his Aunt called him and asked him if he could drive to Value World. It's another thrift store here in MI, aside SA and GW. So off we go and when we got there they had plenty of clothing. I look around and found many of the clothes that I want to fit. Later did I knew that they don't have a fitting room!! What the heck??? I've been to this place before but didn't remember that they don't have a fitting room. So what I did I returned all the clothes and I told hubby I don't like it there lol!!


Ann said…
did you tell them to have a curtain to make a fitting room? May be people who went there didn't care whether their clothes fit them perfectly. Basement bargain, no complaints.

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