Summer is concert time

Our house is just about six miles away from the place that most of the concert in Summer is being held. At the end of Spring when it's not that cold already the place started to advertise that this band or this singer is going to come and do a concert. I always passed this place almost everyday and so I take note of  the concert date and why is that because when I come home late in the afternoon or even in the night time when the concert is finished the traffic is crazy!! The other day I went to my friends house and I knew there was a concert that afternoon. I came home a bit late and it was the time when the people who are going to watched the concert started to come to the concert place. I was wrong in my turn instead of going to a back road I automatically went to where the road goes the busy road. I was a bit far I already saw the flashing police car. And oh my right side the cars are bumper to bumper and I had this sigh of relief because right in the middle of the road the cops put  barricades not the orange cone  but a stanchions or  velvet rope!! I was amazed because usually it's an orange cone that they put in the middle of the road not this time though.  I could tell that, that concert is big because I saw not so ordinary things that happened even in the gate. As I passed by the area I was thinking of the crowd of people in one place. I only hope that the people who had this kind of business are equip on how to do crowd control and I guess they do pretty good at it because I haven't heard anything bad from any concert that I've known that was performed in that place. Soon if I knew an artist or performer that is my favorite I would love to watch it, someday!


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