Do you see red?

                                          I was at the lake again and we watched boat racing.

                                                                      A beauty to behold!

                                                                    My RUBY TUESDAY


Felisol said…
Lots and lots of beautiful reds to find in and by the sea.
You must have had a great day photo shooting.
Mirage said…
I do- I love the last stunning shot!
Of all your reds, I think I like the sunset best, although the toilets did give me a chuckle!


Red is the color of cherries, not cheese;
Yellow the backs of the sweet honeybees;

Red the fair hair of the Derry Town maid;
Yellow the yolk of the brown egg fresh-laid;

Red are the wounds of the sun going down;
Yellow the daisies beloved by the clown;

Rainbows of colors, delighting the eye—
Yellow and scarlet for this lullaby.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Red and Yellow Rooster
Ralph said…
Plenty of red to see - if we ignore the sea of green leaves and water: Outhouses/porta potty (top), really fast boats (center) and Chevy truck )bottom). Naturally, the orange-red sunset is outstanding. Red can be easily found - if we take the time to look!
Marites said…
lots of reds but my fave is the last one. happy RT!
imriz said…
were they portas? haha, lovely shot there, manang kim.
George said…
I like the red that you spotted for this post, but your sunset is absolutely spectacular.
Mika said…
wow a jet ski! I always wanted to ride that, but it's too expensive to rent it. I love the photo of the sky!
maryt/theteach said…
great reds to see, kim!
Jama said…
I see lots of red!
Liz said…
Beautiful shots Kim. The sky shot is amazing.

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Luna Miranda said…
the Portalets are a comforting sight.*LOL* a beautiful sunset.
Great finds. Enjoying your red captures :)
Cacai M. said…
That's a lot of reds Te Khim! That's awesome! I love to ride on that boat!

Mine is here: CMP's Ruby Tuesday: A woman's red dress

Happy Ruby Tuesday!
Maria @ LSS said…
I see lots of red! Your sunset shot is fabulous.

Happy RT!

Mine's here.
chubskulit said…
Daming rubies, love the sunset the best!

MY RT can be found here, hope you can visit.

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