Really funny pictures

Are you the kind of person that could easily laugh even the simplest joke or pictures? Well I do and my siblings too. I haven't seen my father frown but he always flashes his smile to anybody that's why he had so many friends.  Now me and my brother had that traits too. I remember when I was in the Philippines we joke a lot and we laugh a lot. It's fun to laugh than quarrel right? Last night my brother and I chatted over the internet and he told me to checked this website that has really funny pictures. I immediately checked it out and yes there were tons of them. While browsing on the site I also told my brother about it and we were laughing because you can't help it. I asked my brother where does he found this site and he told me that his friend also recommend it. Some photos are a bit sexy but just don't put any malicious thought and you get through it. In other words you get the idea on what the picture meant. Now I've bookmarked this site because I know from time to time I am going to checked it out. 


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