Want a new kitchen sink

Are you a kind of person that love beautiful things. I do!! ^_^  It doesn't mean that I am going to make my husband do something that is beyond our means but if somebody would ask me if I like to live in a big beautiful house, without hesitation I would too. I can't pretend myself that I don't appreciate beautiful houses specially if the inside of the house is beautifully designed and the cabinets, appliances, kitchen sink , tiles, lighting, painting are my choices, gush that is heavenly for me. Our kitchen is not as pretty as I should want to be but the house that hubby and I lived now was here already and when he repaired the house I was not around so I don't have a say at that time. One time I asked my hubby if he likes our kitchen he said no, hahaha! Well then I don't have any problem if someday I would suggest that we are going to remodel our kitchen. Last night we were at my hubby's granddaughter for a dinner  and she just remodeled her kitchen and I am envious. You see I love to cook and I love that my kitchen is pretty and she love to cook too. And what I immediately noticed she had to kitchen sinks one is a big one and the other one is close to the oven. It was my first time to see a kitchen sink close to the oven and I kind of liking the idea. I told hubby when we are heading home that, that is what I like to do in our kitchen. And he only says hopefully we can remodel our kitchen in the next few months. Wohoooo!!


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