Two weeks passed

YES!! I am so done in my two weeks Catechist course at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit. Every day hubby had to drive me going there since I don't drive in interstate highway. We had to leave the house at around 7:30 so we can bet the traffic. And sometimes we arrived the school 15 minutes to 9am and sometimes like this morning we bet the traffic we arrived at the school an hour early!! Here are some of the pictures.
The seminary is huge. This part that I took a picture is just 1/8 of the size. 

The right side wing of the Seminary

                                                             Me and hubby my last day
I am looking forward to our Vacation Bible Study that will start this coming Monday and ends this coming Friday. Another busy week for me!!


Ann said…
it's so huge you can't see anyone, or most people have left Detroit. It was so busy in the 70s

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