Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Rose

I have one climbing rose and the color is Salmon. I was excited this year because I have seen so many  buds almost every stem. Then this black ants attacked my rose buds and make the whole in the middle of the buds. I keep on flicking the ants so as not to stay longer but for no avail they keep on coming back. Until I bought an ants sprayer for roses and I got one full bloom rose and I have 4 buds ready to bloom too.

              See this bud? This is one of the four buds that was left behind un-touch by the ants.
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K Soucy said...

I've always wanted a climbing rose bush. This is lovely. :)

Susan said...

Beautiful! Florist roses can't touch the smell and look of one's own roses from one's own garden!

Ewa said...

I always love to see beautiful photos of roses!

Jama said...

The roses are so gorgeous! one of my most favorite flower.