For MACRO FLOWER SATURDAY and
                                                         FLOWERS ON SATURDAY
                                                         COLOR CONNECTION by Rye


SquirrelQueen said…
Those tulips are gorgeous. I love the perspective of your first photo, well done.

Have a great weekend.
WOW! Gorgeous shots, love the colour.
Rajesh said…
Beautiful flowers, lovely colors.
Nice shot. Wish we have tulips growing here.
Susan said…
These are just beautiful!!
Ms. Burrito said…
Wow tita, those are pretty blooms!

Thanks for joining this week! Mommy said thanks for the tips about the orchid.
Ate K said…
These flowers are nice. Visiting from Color connection. Here's my entry. Thank you and See you around.
Clarissa said…
What a gorgeous blooms,love the colour and the shot!Ang galing^_^


Happy CC!
Ann said…
Tulips makes spring such a welcomed season
Helene said…
Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. These are stunning and love, love the color!
Vernz said…
Hi manang Kim.. wow there pretty flowers... :) color connecting here!
chubskulit said…
Lovely shots ate!

More Color Connection, have a great week ahead.

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