FMTSO: Fishing

This was taken years ago. My first fishing adventure at Bay City, Michigan and I did catch one fish! I love fishing but it seems that I can't hold myself to doze to sleep the water made me sleepy. ^_^
                                                           This is me! That's my first fish  ever!

                                            Get me excited to see fish take the bait ^_^
                                               Linking to Friday my Town Shoot Out


Ann said…
Confrats on becoming a US citizen. Did they ask you all the trick questions
JJ said…
Terrific site! I am now your newest follower, since I found you on Manzi’s site. She is fabulous. I invite you to follow my blogs as well. Thank you!

The Disconnected Writer

JJ Botta – Freelance Writer
Jama said…
I never have the patience for fishing, I rather fish in the market!! lol
Liz said…
That looks fun! Happy sky watching.

Liz @ A Simple Life
Pauline said…
Love your first ever catch photo. Looks like it gave you fame.
Toyin O. said…
Very nice picture of the fish:)
Tes said…
Congratulations, Manang Kim! Would love to join you fishing someday! *hugs*
Kerry said…
That's YOU! I am so excited to see you on a magazine. wow. Fame.

And also, congratulations on citizenship. Good for you.
Doreen said…
great photos Kim! very exciting for you.

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