Texture Twist

                                                  For Texture Twist and Texture Tuesday


Kristy said…
How you unique! I wonder where you took this photograph? It looks timeless!
Thanks for sharing your Texture Twist
Lesley said…
this is funny - and not just because we are having rotating postal strikes at the moment. well, maybe that is why!
Hi Kim, what an excellent picture! this would be a great writing prompt where people could make a story out of it.

Have a great week,

Kathy M.
Tricia said…
Was this shot from an olden days skit or play? Timeless & wonderfully shot & edited! =)
Butterbean Row said…
How fabulous, going back in time and place! Very cool!
Rural Revival said…
I love the feel of this and it obviously has everyone guessing, even me!
Anneke said…
Love your take on this challenge!

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