Barn Charm

               Found this Barn too dilapidated. Needs a lot of tlc but would eat up a lot of money I think ^_^

                    It's huge and too bad the owner just didn't do anything to repair or renovate the wall.
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Anonymous said…
It really IS ashame when someone lets their property go to such great lengths... it wouldn't have cost that much if they'd started sooner & kept it up, ya know?! Too bad, cuz now it's going to slowly rot rot rot!

I can't help but love it, though, no matter how bad of condition it's in... I just LOVE old barns!!! =)
Jan n Jer said…
I do hate to see these old barns in such disrepair. Still this one has that charm factor to it!
Mari said…
It's a shame to see it falling into such disrepair. I do like it though!
Yes, it's quite big and it will take a lot of money to have it repaired to operational condition. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
SquirrelQueen said…
I love to see old barns but most of the ones I see are dilapidated like this one. It would take a lot of money to bring this one back to life.
Mildred said…
So sad to see such beautiful wood barns fall to crumbles!
Hope you are having a nice and happy week!
Genie said…
There is something about barns like this one that pulls me in. I just love them. Yes, it is sad they are falling into disrepair. Possibly it is the state of the economy that people just can’t afford to keep them up when they are no longer farming. I enjoy studying them and trying to dream up stories about what went on when they were in use. Nice post.
Carole said…
I always wonder why large beautiful barns like this are left to the elements. It seems that wherever I see a barn such as this, I often see a new pole barn close by. Why not fix the original (if it's worth fixing?).

In the case of our own, previous owners left it to rot, and we're faced with the task of putting it back together.

Nice shot.


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