Church rummage sale...

Yesterday I went to a church rummage sale. At 8am I was already at the church I thought I was the first to customer but I was wrong there are many people inside the function hall already carrying stuff with them. So I walked around and looked for stuff that would interest me. And voila, I got side sweep with plates. I had many plates already but since I like to make tablescape in different occasion I didn't hesitate to buy it, even if I only found one or two for I like to mix and match. Then I found table napkins and table mat which is yellow and a napkin that has a design on it.
                          A Corelle plate for 10 cents (good to serve rice in here) with a yellow edging

                                                            Bowls for 10 cents each

                                                      blue napkin holder 10 cents/pack

                                                        Blue soup dish for 10 cents each

             I don't know if this is a salad plate or snack plate but this one is flat and it has a blue design in the middle for 10 cents each!                                  

                 One bad thing in this one is that there is only one I so love this plate and it's only 10 cents.

This is a candle glass holder ( I think) The other one I bought it in GW and when I saw this other one yesterday for just 10 cents i didn't hesitate to grab it immediately lol!!  I have one perfect pair.

Then I found this 4 yellow place mat and 4 napkins and 4 yellow with design napkins for $3

                                                           A table cloth for 50 cents

                                               Yellowish brownish square plate for 10 cents each
 Going to Church rummage sale, yard sale, garage sale or estate sale is fun! You can find stuff that is pretty nice and if you knew what you are looking you can find it. Till the next rummage sale ^_^
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Luna Miranda said…
wow, these are amazing finds! love the bowls--my grandmother had some of those. and the amber candleholder, lovely!
SmilingSally said…
I love those blue finds.

Happy Blue Monday!
Lesley said…
What great finds!
At those prices, I bet those people ahead of you knew there would be bargains galore. I never find such beautiful things for 10 cents!
LV said…
We have had those sales as well. Never fund anything as nice as you did.
Carolyn said…
wow that's great! I been few time also in our church here. I bought few things and one woman gave me all the toys and stuff toys because I told here that this toys is going to the sick children hospital in Philippines where my sister is working.She gave all to me for free :-) My sister told me that all the kids were happy..until now, she keeps on giving to me.

Gattina said…
Very nice bargains you had !
Rajesh said…
Wonderful items on sale.
LadyD said…
What a blessing. You found some beautiful treasures. Thanks for stopping by today.
imriz said…
my,oh my, im envious here...i frequented "tiangges" here, mejo mahal pa mga ganyang items d2 khit wala ng mga katerno. 10cents a piece, susme, nakakaloka. i also collect plates, loved those blue ones:)
chubskulit said…
Wow ate ang dami mong nabili hehehe!

My Mellow Yellow, please come and see.
real lady said…
wow, where can I buy stuffs like that in my place. nice prices really.

kim thanks for visiting me @ Scoop and Snap
Great find and choices :)
Mona said…
you had good deals, mura lahat ..
Anonymous said…
I love the yellows, especially the candle holders! :D
gigi said…
Looks like you had an awesome day!
Tess said…
I want to go with you next time Kim. Some of those plates look china to me. They are so pretty.

Cheers and blessings,
January said…
those are beautiful ate kim..:)

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