Holland, Michigan

Yesterday, six girlfriends and me went to Holland, Michigan to see their Tulip Festival. My first time to visit Holland, Michigan was 4 or 5 years ago and the place that is called Windmill Island looks new to me. I did enjoy our trip and so our picture taking. Here are some of it.
                                                    Love this beautiful man made rock fountain.
                                                                 WATERY WEDNESDAY

                                           When ever I am in a new town I love to read signs like this.
                                                                        SIGNS, SIGNS

The QUALITY of tulips in Holland, Michigan impressed me they are so gorgeous and I can't count in my fingers how many kinds of tulips they have. Just gorgeous!!
                                                           ABC WEDNESDAY


Rosey said…
We went here when we lived in Jenison, Michigan. It was beautiful!
DawnTreader said…
Beautiful flowers. I love those white and pink ones... Look like candy ;)
gengen said…
Wow so pretty from fountain to flowers..Happy WW!
Luna Miranda said…
i love the orange tulips. i only get to see real tulips at Holland Tulips, a flower shop. and they're expensive!:p
jabblog said…
Very pretty tulips!
Ms. Becky said…
I too like to read those signs when I'm traveling to different spots. your tulip photos are a bright spot for the day. I love white flowers, and the pink stripe ones are beautiful. I think tulips are cheerful. thanks for sharing.
George said…
I used to live in northwest Ohio, so I know how beautiful the Tulip Festival is each year. Thanks for sharing your visit to the Festival with us.
Ha! I did the Albany, NY Tulip festival LAST week! Love the tulips.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team
chubskulit said…
Perfect Qs and lovely too! Find out what my Q is at Nostalgic Marveling
Lois said…
I have always wanted to visit this beautiful place!
Tony Payne said…
I never did get to Holland when I was living in South Bend, not very far away. I hear the Tulip Festival is great to see, almost like being in Holland.

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